Agility training for the
dog that's born to move


imgOne of the most intelligent and trainable of all domestic breeds, Border Collies excel at agility, obedience, flyball and most other dog sports. However, their level of energy demands an extremely rigorous exercise regime both mental and physical. If not sufficiently stimulated they can develop problem behaviours like chewing furniture and digging. They may also exhibit a strong desire to herd other pets and small children with small nips, a tendency well suited for herding sheep but not so suited for family life.  

jackrussellJacks are an intelligent and energetic breed that rely on a high level of exercise and stimulation. They are relatively free from serious health complaints but too little exercise and too little companionship can turn these little dynamos to destructive behaviours. Blessed (or cursed) with a high prey drive, they're a perfect pick for agility or flyball (a relay type sport with or without the inclusion of hurdle equipment).

aussheepdogHigh energy athletes, intelligent and agile, Australian Shepherds are natural climbers and jumpers which makes them prime candidates for sport. Initial obedience training is a must before agility. You must be diligent at keeping them focused. Approach their training as an upbeat game and you'll soon be coaching a winner.

schnauzerLoyal, intelligent and energetic these dogs love to work. Schnauzers come in three sizes, giant, standard and miniature. Standard size were bred as rat catchers and guard dogs. They can be prone to barking due to a natural instinct to protect house and home. Standard Schnauzers are classed as working dogs but all sizes work well in the agility ring. Vary the training though as these dogs get bored easily with repetition.

mixedbreedDepending on the parent genes mixed breeds are usually highly trainable and intelligent, with few genetic health issues found in many purebreds. Look for a poodle mix or border collie cross for agility but usually any medium sized, medium to high energy dog will team up with you enthusiastically. Though not eligible for
many canine competitions, Agility is one area where mixed breeds are welcome.