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Accordions, one of the tools for

content management

Organizing your content is an integral part of designing a web page. One technique is the use of an accordion like the one I built, above. Agility is a single accordion that might be plugged into a more complex page design and you could have one or several accord- ions in use on a page.

Animating elements of a page

using cascading stylesheets

Season’s Greetings is a one page greeting card built for a typography assignment. It’s an exploration in CSS animation beyond just formatting for colour and font, with some additional JavaScript. The final result was a themed animated holiday game of coordination. Go ahead give it a try!

Designing for information

hierarchy of web page content

Veriday Build is a single page exercise in effective content architecture. Think of a website as you would your nearest department store. If you need shampoo you find the pharmacy dept. then you find the hair products aisle where you’d expect to find the shampoo. Websites are built using the same logic.

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Home Web design Writing Past works Biography Contact Copyright © 2018 Patricia Gallinger-Giao Designed and developed by Patricia Gallinger-Giao
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