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America's stories

Youness, from Morocco to Burlington, Vermont

“I want to share my story because I want other people to know that if you work hard, get married and had kids, you can achieve happiness anywhere in the world.”

Youness was working as a tour guide in Morocco when he gave a tour to an American woman in Vermont. It was this encounter that would set him on a path to the United States in the year 2000, and his first marriage.

He misses Morocco, especially the social life but he has made connections with the Islamic Society of Vermont (ISVT) and engaged with the local community. He is now chairman of both ISVT’s Board of Trustees and of the Islamic School.


National motto you see everywhere in Morocco.
In Arabic it means God, Nation, King


Ba Ba with hair

first snow

First winter in Vermont.
Youness has mixed feelings about the snow


Imam sermon in the mosque


Youness owns a taxi service
called Star Cab and does IT on the side


In typical Moroccan fashion, when friends come over tea is served with cookies, dates and nuts. A tradition Youness's daughters really enjoy


Youness has made a life for himself, his wife and his children, in Burlington, Vermont and has no plans on leaving. His custom made traditional wooden table, Quaran and Moroccan decorations, provide him a sense of home inthe U.S.A.

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