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Great trails, typical white pine forests, wind swept shorelines along the turquoise inlets of Georgian Bay. Water-sculpted
limestone rock formations to study and sketch. Ancient grottos to photograph and explore with local guides and power boats

Trailblazing photo opportunities

Ranked as one of the top ten bird watching sites in Ontario

Located in Honey Harbour on the south east shore of Georgian Bay, Walking Pine Art Retreat is fully committed to inspiring new and experienced artists. Come find your inspirational compass. Brush the dust off your camera and join us for birdwatching, canoeing, afternoon hikes and shoreline exertions. Create some new and unforgettable memories to take home and enjoy long after your stay with us.

We're always happy to see returning guests. Alice has built her nest on the north side of the house for the past three
years. She loves our Beebalm flowers and sugar water feeders.

Click the thumbnails above for a larger view of local bird sitings.
Walking Pine Art Retreat

I've booked time at the Walking Pine Art Retreat for the past three years. Every time my stay was different, rejuvenating and inspiring. I've finally found paradise.

~ Christina Bauer 2016

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